Unusual Corporate Honey Gift Ideas

Corporate Honey Gift Ideas

Here at E&M Gold Beekeepers, we welcome corporate customers to browse our many all-natural honey products and honey-filled gift boxes to find the perfect, unique choices for those important corporate gifts, corporate event favors, swag bag inclusions and employee appreciation treats. We know that you want to impress your potential clients, existing clients, customers and your hardworking team with corporate gifts they’ll appreciate and enjoy, something a little bit different, something wonderful, and we’re here to help with our wide range of all-natural honey products for all your corporate gifting needs.

While many of our corporate clients shop for corporate gifts prior to the winter holidays, anytime is the perfect time to send a thank you gift of pure NJ honey. Welcome that new client aboard with one of our NJ Honey Gift Boxes. Reward your company’s top achievers with our small or large honey gift boxes. Thank a corporate partner for delivering exceptional work. Celebrate a staffer’s work anniversary with a collection of our fresh honey flavors. Attract new business with our pure NJ honey in your trade show swag bags (a standout departure from the ‘usual’ swag bag items everyone’s seen before!) Offer one of our NJ Honey Gift Boxes as your door prize at a showcase.

We’re especially happy to see corporate event groups choosing to give their guests take-home favors as an extra dash of generosity and a great lasting impression for those corporate dinners, company holiday parties, retirement dinners, galas and charity events their teams have put so much effort into. It’s a big trend to offer favors at any company gathering, one we’re thrilled to see return to the corporate event planning world. This extra offering makes a big impact.

When your corporate gift recipients enjoy their honeys, it’s the best kind of sensory branding for you.

Here are some of our most popular corporate Honey gifts:


Corporate Honey Favors

Looking for corporate event favors that are unique and affordable? We know that you want to end each of your special events – from corporate holiday parties to conferences – with a terrific, little take-home favor to make a lasting impression on your employees and guests, so we suggest our gourmet honey favors in charming hexagon jars or round jars as the perfect corporate favors you’re looking for.

Corporate event guests have become accustomed to the ‘usual’ favors of chocolates or frosted cookies, so give them a sweet surprise with our mini honey jars or honey pots, filled with delicious Spring Wildflower honey sourced from our own apiaries. A unique favor stands out, especially in a sea of other exhibitors’ offerings at a trade show, and as an ideal last taste to end an impressive corporate party.

You’ll find a variety of sizes and honey jar styles to choose from in our collection, allowing you to customize your corporate event favor choices, and in further customization that helps your branding stand out, we can help provide custom labels for your favors.

As your fabulous corporate event comes to a close, with your guests indulged and appreciated throughout, your perfect favor puts the finishing touch on a terrific event, one that can generate buzz for your brand or put smiles on the faces of employees who work so hard for your company’s success. They’re too appreciated for ‘the usual’ favors, so treat them to our golden, delectable gourmet honeys as a take-home favor they’ll enjoy. And if you have any left over – which we know is doubtful, since we’ve heard that extra honey jar favors get snapped up by late-departing guests! – place them in a basket in the company break room for employees to continue to enjoy.

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Janssen Corporate Honey Favor

greenbaun,rowe, smith and davis Corporate Honey Favor

CUBIST Corporate Honey Favor

EMC Corporate Honey Favor



Corporate Honey Gift Boxes

NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box

For corporate incentive gifts as well as gifts for your clients, our NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box collects many of our top-selling items, including our raw NJ wildflower honeys, pure beeswax candles, honey candies and honey soap for a ‘best of our world’ variety that will please your corporate gift recipients. It can be difficult to choose just one perfect gift item for a client whose tastes you might not know; our NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box takes the guesswork out of the gift-choice process, allowing you to send many perfect gift items to the client or employee you wish to please.


NJ Raw Honey Gift Box


NJ Raw Honey Gift Set

Another of our top corporate gift choices is our NJ Raw Honey Gift Set, again collecting a variety of our best-selling gift items. This gift set features three of our raw honey flavors plus a candle and beeswax lotion bar, to please the senses. Reward teams of workers with this indulgent honey gift set, and count on this gift collection for your trade show door prizes. It’s perfect for every season, so no matter when your corporate event or dinner will take place, you know you have a winning go-to corporate gift choice at the ready. This collection is aimed at recipients of all ages and genders, taking the guesswork out of planning inclusive corporate gifts.

NJ Raw Honey Gift Set


Corporate Honey Gifts

NJ Raw Honey Products

For your corporate swag bags and corporate event favors, look to our raw honey products, such as our NJ Spring Wildflower Honey, NJ Summer Wildflower Honey, NJ Blueberry Blossom Honey, NJ Cranberry Blossom Honey and NJ Clover Honey – crafted with care by E&M Gold Beekeepers, using honey straight from our apiaries. You get the gift-giving option of offering one honey jar, or mixing up your choices to include two, three or more in your custom-paired gifts. When one jar of honey doesn’t seem like enough, a duo or trio can make your corporate gifts stand out with their variety of pleasing tastes. As corporate event favors, you can offer more than one flavor for your guests’ selections. This creative corporate gift choice still minds your corporate gift budget and makes a big impression.

NJ Spring Wildflower Honey - 16oz

Nj Spring Wildflower Honey Bear

“The honey from E&M Gold beekeepers is without a doubt the most delicious honey you will ever find. Their honey is watched over by a husband and wife team that takes the effort to make each and every drop of honey the best that can be produced…”

Contact us through our web site or call us at 732-542-6528 and let us know how we can help make your corporate gift and corporate event favor shopping even easier, faster and right on budget. We’ll even help with personalized gift and favor tags and labels, for your corporate gifts that will get plenty of buzz about your company and about your great corporate gift-giving style.