2nd Late Winter Bee yard Inspections & Fondant Feeding

Monday morning we started off the day making deliveries of honey to a local restaurant, and brought several packages of  Honey Wedding Favors to FedEx. While on the road, we got a message about a new cache listing in the immediate area where we were, in Eatontown. We zoomed over to the Park and made the Find after spooking a herd of deer. It was our first “First To Find” and our first find of the day. Their has been a break in the weather with temperatures in the low 50’s and  it now possible to re- visit our bees. We stopped in the Bee yard in Colts Neck that had been blocked by snow drifts  a few weeks ago.  All three colonies had bee activity, so we threw some fondant in the tops. While out in that direction, we stopped for a 3 more caches, including at the Monmouth County Agricultural Building. That location features a lovely rain garden and a vegetable garden that provides donations for the FoodBank. On Wednesday we visited 50 more hives and fed them additional fondant.On Friday we visited our remaining 67 hives and fed them fondant. Our hives are looking pretty darn good- the bees are bringing in  pollen and we are seeing new comb being made.

Opening the gate to our bees