Beekeeping Intern Moves to North Carolina

Kyle & Mary

I am very delighted to have worked alongside Ed and Mary Kosenski at E&M Gold Beekeepers, LLC since this past April.  I wanted to work with them because I was interested in learning about beekeeping and it would also help me get some experience under my belt for Agriculture school.  I am moving to North Carolina to attend Central Carolina Community College and enroll in their Sustainable Agriculture Program, which starts in January.  I found Ed & Mary’s website while looking for farming related jobs in the area and I contacted them to see if they were looking for any extra help. I was very glad to find that they wanted me to work with them as a Beekeeping intern.   I have learned so much on how to care for bees and how to run a small honey operation.  I like the natural methods they use to manage their bees and it has inspired me to manage bees in the same fashion when I have bees of my own.  I was taught the whole process from raising new queen bees, to harvesting and processing the honey.  I had a great time working with Ed and Mary and have seen  a lot of amazing places in New Jersey with them and their bees.  I wish them the best of luck with their business and future and I will miss them very much.