Russian & Carniolan Bee Hygienic Testing Begun

Beginning at 7:30am it was a non- stop day! Ed headed off to the local welding shop to pick up Liquid Nitrogen while Mary began looking for the FedEx truck which was carrying our Sue Cobey New World Carniolan breeder queen. Then Kyle arrived and then Dave arrived.  The queen was safely delivered and everyone … Read more

Checking our 1st Russian Bee Grafting on Day 6

On Day 6 we had to check the results of our 1st grafting and had to remove the Cloake Board slide and close the rear entrance of the cell builder.  Our new queen cells are looking great. We used an old golf umbrella to protect the bees from an unrelenting rain.  This is the 1st … Read more

We Grafted our 1st Russian Bee Queen Cells

Tuesday was an exciting day. We grafted our first Queen cells of the season. We had already set up a cell builder colony and closed off the top to produce a queenless swarm condition. The artificial queen cells had been polished by the bees, and our selected Russian Breeder Queen has been laying well. We chose … Read more

2011 Queen Rearing Begins!

The recent storms moving through here hampered our efforts at starting our 2011 queen-rearing program. However, I was able to make my selection of a Russian Breeder Queen in the last few days. She is a daughter of a Russian Breeder originally obtained from Glenn Apiaries of Fallbrook, CA several years ago.  When the original … Read more

Reversing Hives and Installing Russian Honeybee Queens

This week has been quite exciting. We were expecting a shipment of Russian Queens to be shipped from Charlie Harper so we felt pressured to finish inspecting and reversing all our hives in our main Breeding Yard.  Monday and Tuesday went well as we expanded most of our winter nucs into full deeps and identified … Read more

Working with Honeybee Queen Customers

We no longer offer nucleus hives because we need every frame of brood to support our queen rearing operation. We keep our mating nucs crowded, to better support the new queen and to keep down those pesky SHBs. We keep a waiting list of beekeepers that are interested in our queens and provide periodic updates … Read more

Determining Honeybee Hygienic Behavior

We have seen some hints of Spring in recent weeks, but there  still are too many freezing nights and the occasional snowy day.  If  next week shows the promise of warm sunshine, we will begin making our deep hive inspections. Our winter loss rate is about 17% for this past winter. One of the most … Read more