Honey Large Holiday Gift Box

Holiday Gift Guide Spotlight: NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box Share the sweetness of NJ raw honey in Spring and Summer Wildflower flavors, plus the warm glow of our beeswax taper candle and other assorted NJ-fresh goodies with the cheery holiday gift of our Honey Large Holiday Gift Box. When your loved ones can’t make … Read more

Processing & Rendering Beeswax Cappings

Over the years we processed our beeswax cappings in small batches using a double boiler set right on our kitchen stove – then filtering the liquid wax through a stocking – a pound at a time. This year we had a lot more cappings and it became a much bigger job. We knew we did … Read more

Unique & Personalized Wedding Favor Tags

We are now offering unique and personalized Wedding Favor Tags to our Honey Wedding Favor customers. These Tags are designed and handcrafted by an artist, Lisa Purcell, who we met while working with a mutual Bride-to-Bee.  The Tags are created with a wonderful blend of colors, bold simple bee images and wonderful sayings wrapped in … Read more