E&M Gold Beekeepers New Honeybee Video

View our new Honeybee Video We’re so delighted with this wonderful Honeybee video featuring E+M Wedding Favors’ own Mary, our bee yard, and our delicious raw NJ honey and all-natural beeswax products for wedding favors and baby shower favors. Our friend Jon Peters of Jon Peters Art and Home created this gorgeous video for us, and we’re … Read more

Beekeeping Business Goals for 2014

Now that Ed has retired we have begun enlarging our operation to 200 hives. In addition we are reworking our business and marketing plans to reflect our new business goals. Lastly we are continuing our queen rearing operation and next year our goal is to produce 1,000 queens. Since 2003 we have been using Russian … Read more

Winter Nuc Preparation

For the last four years we have been using the following Winter Nuc preparation method. We first heard about preparing Winter Nucs during a talk Kirk Webster made at a local beekeeping organization; our method has been slightly modified from Kirk’s. In the early Spring winter nucs which have survived are quite vibrant and ready … Read more

Beekeeping Internship for 2014

We are taking applications for our Beekeeping Internship for 2014. You will learn how to manage the Carniolan honeybee and how to rear queens. For the past 6  years we have listed our Beekeeping internship on the NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project Internship and Apprenticeships Web Site. Our Beekeeping Internship is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience … Read more

Honeybee Winter Feeding with Sugar Candy

Charlie Toth in Somerset, NJ has been making & selling 5-pound hard sugar-candy blocks for Honeybee winter feeding. He wraps his blocks in butcher paper. The best way to add a sugar candy block to the hive is as follows: Use only on hives where the cluster is in the top super Build a 3 … Read more

2013 Beekeeping Internship

We will be taking beekeeping  internship applications for the 2013 season for an intern  to assist us in all areas of our beekeeping business For the last five beekeeping seasons we have had the services of a young person interested in gaining experience in beekeeping. An extra set of willing hands is greatly appreciated in … Read more

Winter & Honeybees

The winter may be the most challenging time for honeybees in the northern climates. This winter has already thrown more at us than most years do.   We try to prepare for typical weather events in advance by adding extra heavy blocks on tops, and solid bottoms below, plus feeding if necessary.  But falling trees are … Read more

FileMaker Pro Beekeeping Database – part #2

FileMaker Pro Beekeeping Database – part #2 Listed below is an example of the type report we can generate from our FileMaker Pro Relational Beekeeping Database. This is post #2. You can see our first FileMaker Pro Beekeeping Database post at post#1. The following is an iPad screen capture from our  FileMaker Pro 11 Beekeeping … Read more

FileMaker Pro Beekeeping Database

Our beekeeping operation record keeping has been moved completely over to a relational database located on an iPad. Since last season we have updated and improved the database so that Mary is comfortable using it in the field. So far this season Mary has added over a thousand records to the database. Reports are very … Read more

Successful Honeybee Queen Introduction

Successful Honeybee Queen Introduction The first and most important factor in queen introduction is to have a queenless environment. No mated queens, no virgin queens and no queen cells should be present in the hive. Place the cage containing the queen into the queenless hive, just above the brood area. If you have a honey … Read more