Successful Honeybee Queen Introduction

Successful Honeybee Queen Introduction The first and most important factor in queen introduction is to have a queenless environment. No mated queens, no virgin queens and no queen cells should be present in the hive. Place the cage containing the queen into the queenless hive, just above the brood area. If you have a honey … Read more

New NWC Carniolan Queen Rescued

It was 7:00pm and I had just arrived at our NWC Carniolan Breeding yard.  Fog was just beginning to roll in as I began weed-wacking the yard.  As I completed my weed-wacking I noticed this small cluster of bees wedged in between two of our wind wall cinder blocks. I got down to my knees, … Read more

NJ Winter Nucs are Building Up

Our winter nucs passed the NJ state bee inspector’s inspection, two weeks ago this coming Monday. While conducting his inspection we discussed nuc pricing with him. We know what price nucs are going for, and how most spring nucs are put together.  Our winter nucs need to go at a premium price since their queens … Read more

Apiary Record Keeping with FileMaker Pro

We moved our Apiary field paper records to an iPad 2 FileMaker Go relational database in 2011. We decided to use a relational database record keeping system because of its capability to quickly sort and view many thousand pieces of data and its ability to display search results via formatted or on-the-spot reports. We had … Read more

How To Prepare Fondant for Winter Feeding

We are coming in to our two toughest winter months, February and March, for the honeybee. Yet it was 62 degrees on Wednesday and 48 degress on Thursday – quite warm as compared to last winter. Our bees have been very active due to the  warm winter we have been experiencing in New Jersey. So … Read more

Beekeeping Internship Listed on NCAT Web Site

We are still working on filling our Beekeeping Internship position for the upcoming 2012 season. For the past 5  years we have listed our internship position on the NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project Internship and Apprenticeships Web Site. NCAT stands for the  National Center for Appropriate Technology. (excerpt of our listing from the NCAT Web Site) … Read more

Beekeeping Intern Wanted for 2012

Each beekeeping season we have had the services of a young person interested in gaining experience in beekeeping. An extra set of willing hands is greatly appreciated in the bee yard and in exchange for their work we will pass on our 30 years of passionate natural and chemical-free beekeeping experience. We will be taking … Read more

Beekeeping Intern Moves to North Carolina

I am very delighted to have worked alongside Ed and Mary Kosenski at E&M Gold Beekeepers, LLC since this past April.  I wanted to work with them because I was interested in learning about beekeeping and it would also help me get some experience under my belt for Agriculture school.  I am moving to North … Read more