New Beekeepers

Over the last several years in New Jersey there has been an increase in the number of residents becoming hobbyist beekeepers. There are a number of reasons for this including the publics’ concern about the declining Honeybee population and the reports of Colony Collapse Disorder in the National Media. In addition to and maybe because … Read more

Honey Bee Observation Hive

We have been maintaining the Heath Farm observation hive for the last 6 years. It is a beautiful Draper Superbee observation hive. The Heath Farm homestead was started by a former slave after the end of the Civil War. It was the first African American farm in Monmouth county. Currently its displays include the Butterfly … Read more

Inspecting a Honeybee Hive

As I approach any colony of honeybees for any kind of inspection, my observations begin before I open the hive. I keep a written record of every colony, noting the date of the inspection, the weather, the Queen or race of those bees, and number of brood boxes and supers. I look at the bee’s … Read more

Making additional winter Nucs

This picture shows Mary and Dave making additional winter nucs. So far we have put together (25) winter nucs. We modeled our boxes after Kirk Webster’s setup in Middlebury, Vermont. Kirk begins preparing his winter nucs near the end of June. Since we are about 6 hours south of Kirk’s location we begin our winter … Read more