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Beekeeping Photos Background Information

Please view our E&M Gold Beekeepers beekeeping photos which Ed has been taking for the last 23 years as our NJ Honey operation has grown. Our Beekeeping photo subjects range from grafting queens, inspecting hives, harvesting honey, extracting honey, moving bees, requeening hives, marking  queens, filling honey jars and creating beeswax candles.

Over the years Ed has been taking  beekeeping pictures with Sony, Leica, Ricoh, Fuji and Canon digital cameras. He is currently using a Nikon Z6 with a Nikkor 105mm Z, Nikkor 22mm  and Nikkor  Z 24-70mm lenses for product and macro photos.

He uses Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop for his post processing.

We live Central Jersey in Tinton Falls, NJ which is located between the towns of Asbury Park and Red Bank in Monmouth County. We live in a county where there is 40,000 agriculture and woodland acres. And it is in this area that we keep and manage our beehives.

We have been keeping and managing Honeybees for twenty three years, just about the same number of years we have lived in Tinton Falls. Since getting our 1st beehive we have grown to a full time small Beekeeping business. 

Fifteen years ago we converted our 2.5-car garage into a full Honey House and also modified our basement into a beeswax candle workshop. In 2002 we made commitment to develop a stronger local honeybee. In 2005 we began grafting queens after Ed completed Sue Cobey’s queen rearing course. In 2007 and 2008 Mary attended Sue Cobey’s beginning and advanced instrumental insemination courses. Since then we have been breeding Carniolan and VSH queens

We hope your enjoy our E&M Gold Beekeepers Beekeeping Photos!

If you have any questions about our operation please call us at 732-542-6528. Best, Mary & Ed

E&M Gold Beekeepers Beekeeping Photos