FileMaker Pro Beekeeping Database

Our beekeeping operation record keeping has been moved completely over to a relational database located on an iPad. Since last season we have updated and improved the database so that Mary is comfortable using it in the field. So far this season Mary has added over a thousand records to the database. Reports are very easy to generate and the database makes it possible to understand what is happening in our operation – right now- and it also lets us see trends over many different time periods. Data is inputed via drop-down values-list choices, date  choices via calendar, radio buttons, yes and no options and  inputted text via iPad virtual keyboard entry.

The Database was developed with FileMaker Pro 11 on our iMac and Mini Mac.  It is then sent to our iPad  which uses FileMaker Go. When we are in the field the iPad is protected with the Otter Box Defender Series iPad 3 case. When we go from yard to year we transport the iPad in a Pelican HardBack 1080cc case.  We added a screen protector to the iPad which makes it easy to clean off any dirt, pollen, wax and propolis with a micro fleece cloth; wet or dry.

The following are iPad screen captures of the FileMaker Pro 11 database.