New Beeswax Snowflake Floating Candles

Beeswax Snowflake Floating Candle

In nature, no two snowflakes are exactly alike. So we have captured one perfect, pretty snowflake design for our newest winter-themed floating candle joining E&M Gold’s collection of natural beeswax figurine candles, enhancing our variety of holiday-perfect candles for gifts and décor. We know that some people on your gift list may be hard to shop for, and that the holidays will likely have you looking for the perfect, inexpensive gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

E&M Gold Beekeepers New Honeybee Video

View our new Honeybee Video We’re so delighted with this wonderful Honeybee video featuring E+M Wedding Favors’ own Mary, our bee yard, and our delicious raw NJ honey and all-natural beeswax products for wedding favors and baby shower favors. Our friend Jon Peters of Jon Peters Art and Home created this gorgeous video for us, and we’re … Read more

Honey Large Holiday Gift Box

Holiday Gift Guide Spotlight: NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box Share the sweetness of NJ raw honey in Spring and Summer Wildflower flavors, plus the warm glow of our beeswax taper candle and other assorted NJ-fresh goodies with the cheery holiday gift of our Honey Large Holiday Gift Box. When your loved ones can’t make … Read more

2016 NJ Honeybee Queens

This summer we will offer 2016 NJ Honeybee Queens including Carniolan and VSH Queens for sale from June through early August. Mary normally begins her grafting operation usually the 1st week of May. We let our young queens open-mate and make certain they have a good laying pattern before we sell them. The first May grafting is … Read more

We have harvested 3000 pounds of Honey

Our bees have rewarded us with extra honey this summer; so far we have harvested 3000 pounds of honey. Right now we are taking a break from Honey harvesting and are putting our efforts towards getting our hives and winter nucs ready for the upcoming winter.

NJ Honeybee Project begins 11th year

looking at honey bee splits

Our NJ Honeybee Project is beginning its 11th year. So far this season we received our Sue Cobey Breeder queen and we are happy to report she is in her new hive and laying. Later in June we will be adding to our breeding program four VSH daughter queens from a Dr.John Harbo breeder queen. … Read more

Help your new queen get accepted

This is a good short story on why you may need to be prepared to help your new queen get accepted. Last week we knew our new Sue Cobey NWC Breeder (#4) was expected any day, but were waiting for the tracking info, so we could be prepared in advance for her arrival. However, she arrived … Read more

Beekeeping Business Goals for 2014

Now that Ed has retired we have begun enlarging our operation to 200 hives. In addition we are reworking our business and marketing plans to reflect our new business goals. Lastly we are continuing our queen rearing operation and next year our goal is to produce 1,000 queens. Since 2003 we have been using Russian … Read more

Check your Queens during Introduction

My recent experience with 20 new queens I think illustrates why it is a good idea to check your queens during introduction. I had gone away for the Easter weekend, leaving all 20 Strachan New World Carniolan queens caged in the new splits.  On Monday morning with Gary, my helper, we began the inspections, starting … Read more

Honeybee Survival

Coming out of the 2012-2013 winter we experienced our worst bee loss in 17 years. It was a blow to us – our operation’s honeybee survival was at stake. Coming out of the prior 10 winters our average winter loss was always between 10-20% and that was with bees which had never been treated. We … Read more