Breed Yard tour and Thoughts from 2006

The Church group completed their tour of our operation and breeding yard yesterday. About 17 adults and children took the tour and they had a great time. The weather was perfect and Mary as always did a great job telling the honeybee story. Mary and I are currently working with a mentor from SCORE on … Read more

Cloake Board Method

Morning: This morning Mary and I want separate directions. She took care of bank deposits and  customer follow-ups and I went to our glass supplier and picked up $1,300 worth of glassware and caps. Here is what our four-wheel drive looked liked when I got home. Afternoon: This afternoon we began moving our summer mating … Read more

Bottling Honey

Bottling Honey

We did most of work inside today since it rained off and on today. Mary and Ryan cleaned the honey house and Ryan bottled honey for a customer order. This Saturday a church group is going to take a tour of our operation and breeding yard. Yesterday all the queen cells were moved out from our cell … Read more

2010 Russian Breeding Yard

Thought we would show you one of our recent breeding yard pictures. We are running Russian and New World Carniolan Honeybees. For the past two years we have been using New World Carniolan breeders queens from Sue Cobey and Russian Queens from Charlie Harper and we have not treated our bees for 8 years. This … Read more