FileMaker Pro Beekeeping Database

Our beekeeping operation record keeping has been moved completely over to a relational database located on an iPad. Since last season we have updated and improved the database so that Mary is comfortable using it in the field. So far this season Mary has added over a thousand records to the database. Reports are very … Read more

Shipping Honeybee Queens

SHIPPING HONEYBEE QUEENS Our queen rearing season has finally gotten into a rhythm. Coming into the spring we grafted our 1st session in April only to have the evening temperature drop to 28 degrees on the day we put out our 1st queen cells. Then we had a lot of days in early May when … Read more

Successful Honeybee Queen Introduction

Successful Honeybee Queen Introduction The first and most important factor in queen introduction is to have a queenless environment. No mated queens, no virgin queens and no queen cells should be present in the hive. Place the cage containing the queen into the queenless hive, just above the brood area. If you have a honey … Read more

Queen Rearing Season at Full Speed

We are into our queen rearing season full speed now that the daily temperature is consistently warm and our mating nucs have larger populations since several brood cycles have passed. Our 4th grafting was completed this past Friday.  We once again we grafted from our Sue  Cobey (Cobey11-40) Carniolan breeder queen which has been doing a … Read more

New NWC Carniolan Queen Rescued

It was 7:00pm and I had just arrived at our NWC Carniolan Breeding yard.  Fog was just beginning to roll in as I began weed-wacking the yard.  As I completed my weed-wacking I noticed this small cluster of bees wedged in between two of our wind wall cinder blocks. I got down to my knees, … Read more

NJ Winter Nucs are Building Up

Our winter nucs passed the NJ state bee inspector’s inspection, two weeks ago this coming Monday. While conducting his inspection we discussed nuc pricing with him. We know what price nucs are going for, and how most spring nucs are put together.  Our winter nucs need to go at a premium price since their queens … Read more

New World Carniolan Stock Maintenance Protocol

In May 2003 Ed completed Sue Cobey’s Queen Rearing course at the University of Ohio. At the time Sue had uploaded her New World Carniolan Stock Maintenance Protocol to her web site. Sue is now at Washington State University.  I think it is important that new beekeepers see this protocol.  Sue’s current web site is … Read more