E&M Gold Beekeepers Story

We just updated our E&M Gold Beekeepers Story on our  Local Harvest and Honey Locator pages with the following information: Hello, we are Ed and Mary Kosenski from E&M Gold Beekeepers, a family NJ beekeeping business, which produces local raw honey & naturally selects strong honeybees and honeybee queens. We began our beekeeping …

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New Beeswax Snowflake Floating Candles

Beeswax Snowflake Floating Candle

In nature, no two snowflakes are exactly alike. So we have captured one perfect, pretty snowflake design for our newest winter-themed floating candle joining E&M Gold’s collection of natural beeswax figurine candles, enhancing our variety of holiday-perfect candles for gifts and décor. We know that some people on your gift list may be hard to shop for, and that the holidays will likely have you looking for the perfect, inexpensive gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

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NJ Honeybee Project begins 11th year

looking at honey bee splits

Our NJ Honeybee Project is beginning its 11th year. So far this season we received our Sue Cobey Breeder queen and we are happy to report she is in her new hive and laying. Later in June we will be adding to our breeding program four VSH daughter queens from …

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Check your Queens during Introduction

My recent experience with 20 new queens I think illustrates why it is a good idea to check your queens during introduction. I had gone away for the Easter weekend, leaving all 20 Strachan New World Carniolan queens caged in the new splits.  On Monday morning with Gary, my helper, …

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