Hive Ventilation

We have received inquiries from beekeepers asking advice about some of our chemical-free methods. The subject of ventilation was brought up. Proper air flow in a colony will increase the efficiency of brood production, honey production , and winter survival.  This past summer we purchased All-Season Inner Covers from Tim Arheit at Honey Run Apiaries and we liked what we received.

Here is an extract from Tim’s  Web Site:

Ventilation is very important to the health of the hive. It can be especially important in the winter in colder climates as well as during the heat of the summer. We have found an upper entrance so moisture can escape the hive in the winter combined with insulation so the moisture does not condense on the underside of inner cover and drip down on the cluster significantly improves overwintering success.

All Season Inner Cover from Honey Run Apiaries

Developed over several years, we feel our all season inner cover provides not only appropriate ventilation and insulation during the winter, but also allows easy access for late or early season feeding, plus the benefits of passive cross flow ventilation during the summer without the cost of other systems….

– Takes the place of an inner cover and is used with a standard telescoping or migratory cover

– Passive cross flow ventilation keeps the hive cooler during the summer.

– Less bearding and more productive hives.

– In the winter, insulation and an upper entrance reduces condensation and moisture in the hive.

– Improved overwintering.

– Center pullout for spring, fall and even mid winter feeding.

– Includes ventilated inner cover, insulation and removable screen for use with a feeding jar or bucket.

– Cheaper and more cost effective than other passive and active ventilated tops.