Honey Favor DIY Decorating

Our customers have shared photos of how they did the Honey Favor DIY decorating on their Wedding & Baby Shower Favors. And we are always so impressed by our Brides’ and Mommies-to-Bees’ Honey Favor DIY Decorating skills. We admire all of the artistic excellence out there!

To help you with your Honey Favor DIY decorating we have put together the following  photos from our customers and a list of Label and Tag Web sites. We hope these additional ideas will help you better DIY decorate your Wedding, Baby Shower or Party Honey Favors! 

Honey Favor Decorated Photos shared by our Customers

Final Word on these Favor DIY Decorated Photos

Honey in a glass Hexagon or Honey jar is so beautiful, especially if viewed with natural light coming from behind it. It makes our New Jersey Spring Wildflower Honey Favors look even more delightful with all of the pretty ribbon ties, clever labels and accents that you add!

Label and Tag Web Sites