Honey Favors

Local Spring Wildflower Honey Favors

2oz. NJ Honey Favor
2oz. NJ Honey Favor

Are your looking for Honey Favors that are delicious, natural, local, adorable and will be a hit with your guests at your Wedding or Bridal Shower? Our  local Favors are filled with our 100% NJ Spring Wildflower Honey from our Honeybees in Monmouth County and our Honey is delicious beyond compare! 

In addition our Favors are perfect for your Anniversary, Birthday, Sweet 16, 1st Communion, Graduation and Bar/Bat Mitzvah events!  At E&M Gold Beekeepers our Honeybees, every May through June, create a wonderful, gourmet Spring Wildflower Honey that is perfect when bottled in our charming hexagon and Honey Pot jars. And our NJ Spring Wildflower Honey filled Honey Favors are perfect for DIY decorating!


Shipping Our NJ Honey Favors

6oz. NJ Honey Favor
6oz. NJ Honey Favor

Our Honey Farm is located in Tinton Falls, NJ near Red Bank, Asbury Park, Freehold, Holmdel and Middletown, NJ. And we would love to be your New Jersey Local Beekeeper near you and provide your New Jersey Favors for your special event!

If you are local to us you can order your unique New Jersey Favors for local pickup at our customer pickup box in front of our Honey House in Tinton Falls, NJ. If you want, we can ship your Favors to locations within the Contiguous United States (lower 48)!




Why our Honey Jar Favor is perfect for You!

  • They are filled with New Jersey Spring Wildflower Honey from our Honey Bees
  • Includes our clear Heart with Flying Bee label™ on our 2oz and 6oz Honey Favors
  • You can choose from 1.5oz., 2oz., 3oz., 4oz. and 6oz. Honey Jars
  • They are perfect for DIY decorating by you
  • Your guests will appreciate a natural, local, delicious and unique Favor
  • And We are the Beekeepers, Mary & Ed - and we make certain you get the best NJ Spring Wildflower Honey!


DIY Decorated Honey Favor Photos from our Customers


When to order your Honey Jar Favors

**We usually ask for four weeks notice when placing your Honey Favors order – but lately we have been fulfilling a lot of Favor orders coming in with less then four weeks notice – maybe we can help you too –contact us  and we will let you know**


Contact Us to Learn more about our Honey Jar Favors!

You can contact us  or call us at (732) 542-6528 to discuss your Honey Favor requirements!


Label & Tag Web Sites for DIY Honey Favors Decorating

We recommend that you check out the following label and Tag Web sites when considering DIY decorating your Honey Jar Favors!


Label and Tag Web Sites 


Evermine Wedding Favor Labels

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Evermine Baby Shower Favor Labels

Evermine  Baby Shower Favor Tags

Evermine  0.938 inch Round Stickers



Etsy Wedding Favor Labels

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Marrygrams Favor Tags


Avery Labels 

8987 - Gold Foil - 3/4" x 2 1/4" for Inkjet printer 

8257 - Matte White - 3/4" x 2 1/4" for Inkjet printer

8160 - Matte White - 1" x 2 5/8" for Inkjet printer 

8293 - Matte White - 1 1/2" round label for Inkjet printer 


Our Honey Jar Dimensions

1.5oz. Round Honey Favor   

 2” h X 1.75 inches in diameter

A ¾” x 2 ¼” label will work well  and  Tags will also work

2oz. Honey Favor   

 1.75” h X 1.75 inches in diameter

A ¾” x 2 ¼” label will work well  and  Tags will also work

2oz. Mini Honey Bear

2.75” tall X 1.75 inches wide (approx)

Front flat panel is  1.25″ tall x 1″ wide

A 1" round sticker will work well on the front panel

3oz Honey Favor

2.3125″ x 1.875″ inches in diameter

A 1” x 2 5/8” label will work well and Tags will also work well

4oz. Honey Pot Favor

2.4” h X 2.5 inches in diameter

Tags will work well and a 1.5 inch round label will work well on top of the lid

6oz Honey Favor 

2.5” h X 2.75” in diameter

A 1” x 2 5/8” label will work well, a 1.5 inch round label will work well on top of the lid and Tags will also work