Honey Large Holiday Gift Box

Holiday Gift Guide Spotlight: NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box

Share the sweetness of NJ raw honey in Spring and Summer Wildflower flavors, plus the warm glow of our beeswax taper candle and other assorted NJ-fresh goodies with the cheery holiday gift of our Honey Large Holiday Gift Box. When your loved ones can’t make it home for the holidays – whether for the first time or the 10th – your thoughtful gift of NJ honey and mood-brightening beeswax candles will lift their spirits and share holiday love from you and from your family.

Priced at a holiday budget-friendly $39.99, our treat-packed gift box ensures that everyone in your gift recipient’s circle will find something to love, and our 8oz containers of honey and multiple candles let them enjoy your gift for a long time into the winter season. Each time they take a taste of our delicious, NJ-fresh honey straight from our apiaries, they’ll be reminded of your generous spirit. The same goes for any nearby friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and helpful people who care for your kids, parents or grandparents, take care of your home and pets, and give you the gift of beauty throughout the year.

If you’ll be the guest in a loved one’s home for the holidays, it’s a wonderful gesture to bring along a generous gift to thank your hosts for their hospitality. As you may know, having house guests entails a large amount of work to prepare and to entertain loved ones, so your gift box filled with the best of our honeys, indulgences and treats will be most appreciated, and will likely become a part of your stay. We can just imagine our Spring and Summer Wildflower Honeys offered within a fabulous brunch prepared by holiday hosts. They may be used as drizzled sweetness for baked goods, teas, and also as ingredients for cocktails. Your gift will go to great use!

Here are some details about the items included in our NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box:

Our two NJ-fresh wildflower honeys provide wonderful flavor, and the Beeswax Candles hand-created by Mary burn smoke-less, clean the air and give off that wonderful honey beeswax scent. Even in the best of company, the holidays are stressful, so their new pure honey beeswax candles will create a calming, great-smelling atmosphere for unwinding and relaxing. Add in honey soap and honey candy, and your gift only gets sweeter!

The NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box includes:

  • Spring Wildflower Honey (8 oz.) – pale in color and mild in flavor
  • Summer Wildflower Honey (8 oz.) – amber to dark amber with mild floral undertones
  • Beeswax Old Fashioned Taper Candle – 9.75” tall x 15/16” base
  • Honey Soap (3.5 oz.) – contains Rosemary extract and essential oils
  • Honey Candy (2 oz.)
  • Beeswax Mini-Floating Heart Candle (1 oz.) – 2” wide

Our NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box is perfect for gift giving. We can ship it directly for you along with our Thanks Bee to You gift card anywhere within the Continental US for only $9.99. Excludes Alaska and Hawaii

Beeswax Candle Collection Large Gift Box