Honey Large Holiday Gift Box

Holiday Gift Guide Spotlight: NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box

Straight from the E&M Gold Beekeepers Apiary our Honey Large Holiday Gift Box features our local raw honey and pure beeswax candles, blending the delectable flavors of NJ raw honeys with the warm radiance of our pure beeswax candles in a delightful collection of sweetness and light, sure to bring joy to your gift recipient.

Our two NJ-fresh wildflower honeys offer exceptional flavor, while Mary’s meticulously handcrafted Beeswax Candles burn smokelessly, purify the air, and emit that delightful honey beeswax aroma. Your gift recipient can savor their honey in numerous ways – whether it’s a sweet addition to their tea, a delectable spread for scones or toast, or simply enjoyed straight from the jar. Meanwhile, the pure honey beeswax candles create a serene, pleasant ambiance for unwinding and relaxation. And if you include honey soap, your gift becomes even sweeter! This Large Honey Gift Box is a versatile present they can use in countless ways, all the while cherishing your kind gesture and warm wishes for their happiness.

The NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box includes:

  • Spring Wildflower Honey (8 oz.) – pale in color and mild in flavor
  • Summer Wildflower Honey (8 oz.) – amber to dark amber with mild floral undertones
  • Beeswax Old Fashioned Taper Candle – 9.75” tall x 15/16” base
  • Honey Soap (3.5 oz.) – contains Rosemary extract and essential oils
  • Beeswax Mini-Floating Heart Candle (1 oz.) – 2” wide

Our NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box is perfect for gift giving. We can ship it directly for you along with our Thanks Bee to You gift card anywhere within the Continental US (Lower 48 States);(Excludes Alaska and Hawaii).