Honeybee Winter Feeding with Sugar Candy

Charlie Toth in Somerset, NJ has been making & selling 5-pound hard sugar-candy blocks for Honeybee winter feeding. He wraps his blocks in butcher paper. The best way to add a sugar candy block to the hive is as follows:

  1. Use only on hives where the cluster is in the top super
  2. Build a 3 inch high super & place on the original top super
  3. Add two small shims over the cluster (shims should be <5/16″ high)
  4. Unwrap one side of sugar block (do not rip paper)
  5. Place exposed sugar block on shims over the cluster
  6. Make sure the unwrapped paper lays out to the sides of the cluster to capture the bees’ heat
  7. Place inner cover over 3 inch high super
  8. Place Telescoping top over inner cover
  9. Apply blue painters tape around seam between 3 inch high super and original top super

If  you are looking to purchase these sugar blocks Charlie can be reached at: 732-873-2989