Nectar Sources

Nectar Sources for the NJ Honeybee

Maple Mid-March – Early April
Apple Late April – Early May
Willow Late April – Early May
Dandelion Early May
Wild Strawberry May
Lupine May
Raspberry May
Crimson Clover Mid May
Locust May 20 – June1
Holly Late May
Tulip Trees May 20- June 10
Swedish Clover June 1-July 10
Alsike Clover June 1-July 10
White Clover Early June-Mid July
Dogbane Early June-Late Aug
California Privet Mid July – Late July
Sumac Mid June – Mid July
White Sweet Clover June – November
Spanish Needle Late July – Late August
Sweet Pepper Bush Late July – Late August
Motherwart August
Horsemint August – September
Boneset Mid August – September
Rose Mallow and Swamp Mallow Late July – Early September
Smartweed and Heartese Late August – Mid October
Heath Aster and White Aster Late August – Mid October
St. Michaelmas Daisy Late August – Mid October
Goldenrod Late August – Mid October
Buckwheat Early August – Late August
Basswood or Linden Tree Late June-Early July