Nectar Sources for the NJ Honeybee

MapleMid-March – Early April
AppleLate April – Early May
WillowLate April – Early May
DandelionEarly May
Wild StrawberryMay
Crimson CloverMid May
LocustMay 20 – June 1
HollyLate May
Tulip TreesMay 20 – June 10
Swedish CloverJune 1 – July 10
Alsike CloverJune 1 – July 10
White CloverEarly June-Mid July
DogbaneEarly June-Late Aug
California PrivetMid July – Late July
SumacMid June – Mid July
White Sweet CloverJune – November
Spanish NeedleLate July – Late August
Sweet Pepper BushLate July – Late August
HorsemintAugust – September
BonesetMid August – September
Rose Mallow and Swamp MallowLate July – Early September
Smartweed and HearteseLate August – Mid October
Heath Aster and White AsterLate August – Mid October
St. Michaelmas DaisyLate August – Mid October
GoldenrodLate August – Mid October
Basswood or Linden TreeLate June – Early July