New Beeswax Snowflake Floating Candles

Introducing our NEW Beeswax Snowflake Floating Candles!

We’re so delighted to introduce our new Beeswax Snowflake Floating Candles!

In nature, no two snowflakes are exactly alike. So we have captured one perfect, pretty snowflake design for our newest winter-themed floating candle joining E&M Gold’s collection of natural beeswax figurine candles, enhancing our variety of holiday-perfect candles for gifts and décor. We know that some people on your gift list may be hard to shop for, and that the holidays will likely have you looking for the perfect, inexpensive gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list. So let us make your holiday shopping a lot easier with our newest beeswax candles!

We love the details in our lovely little new beeswax floating snowflake candles, and Mary makes each one with loving care from natural beeswax.

Each of our floating snowflake candles is 3”x1”, making them perfect for floating in a bowl of water for your holiday table centerpiece they also make ideal gifts as single candles or as collections of three, six or more. We think our floating snowflake candle also brings back beautiful memories of peaceful snowfalls on a calm winter’s night, hearkening back to wonderful family memories during the holidays. Plus, the natural beeswax scent is calming and serene for those relaxing moments you’ll take during the hectic holiday season.

Our Beeswax Snowflake Floating Candles, and all of our all-natural beeswax candles, are long-burning, smokeless and dripless, and they also clean the air. So consider this or any of our NJ beeswax figurine candles or stylish pillar candles to be a benefit to your home as well as to your mood. We pour our candles from 100% beeswax and our candle-making ‘elves’ create and perfect these Beeswax Snowflake Floating Candles with loving care. We add no artificial scent or coloring to our candles, making this 100% NJ beeswax candle an all-natural item, and the perfect gift for anyone on your gift list. Including you!