New Jersey Raw Honey Products

Our Local New Jersey Honey is available via curbside pickup and we ship too!

New Jersey raw honey Spring Wildflower
New Jersey Spring Wildflower Honey

Our New Jersey Raw Honey products offer a taste for every season and preference, rounding up the tastiest, freshest flavors of NJ raw honey in pleasing tastes including NJ Spring Wildflower Honey, NJ Summer Wildflower Honey, NJ Blueberry Blossom Honey, NJ Cranberry Blossom Honey and NJ Clover Honey – crafted with care by E&M Gold Beekeepers.

There’s nothing like the sweet, pure, natural taste of New Jersey local Raw Honey, and that connection to the important work of honeybees. Natural honey flavors come from the hundreds of flowers our bees visit each day, imbuing our honeys with ultra-fresh, natural tastes to savor. So if you are looking for Honey produced near you then we hope you will consider E&M Gold Beekeepers from Monmouth County!

New Jersey Local Honey - curbside local pickup or we can ship your order

New Jersey raw honey Summer Wildflower
New Jersey Summer Wildflower Honey

If you are local to us you can order your local New Jersey Honey for local pickup at our customer pickup box in front of our Honey House in Tinton Falls, NJ. If you want we can ship your Honey order to locations within the Contiguous United States (lower 48)!

NJ Raw Honey Jar Update

1lb. Classic Glass Jar and 1lb. PET Plastic Jar

Since Summer 2020 we have had to contend with supply chain issues when re-ordereing 1lb. Honey Jars. So now we use two type of 1lb. Honey Jars.

For local order curbside pickups, we are using a 1lb. Classic Glass Honey Jar for our Spring Wildflower, Summer Wildflower, Blueberry, Cranberry and Clover Honeys.

For Honey shipments to the lower 48 States we are using a 1lb. PET Plastic Jar with a convenient flip-top lid, for our Spring Wildflower, Summer Wildflower, Blueberry, Cranberry and Clover Honeys.


Local Raw Honey Recipes

NJ Local Spring Wildflower Honey

A fine, natural honey is an ideal treat for yourself, with just a drizzle in your cup of tea, or atop your scones or muffins, adding a touch of delight to your day, and our natural honeys also make perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and showers, as well as thank-you gift ideas and hostess gifts. 

Our NJ raw honey varieties also add fabulous flavor to your best recipes, and we invite you to visit our favorite honey recipes for inspiration on how you might use our E&M Gold Beekeepers New Jersey Raw Honey products.