New World Carniolan 2014 Breeder Queen

We confirmed last weekend that our New World Carniolan 2014 Breeder Queen will arrive the 1st week in May. This will be our sixth year that we will be bringing in a Carniolan Breeder queen from Sue Cobey. Mary has grown quite fond of the New World Carniolan queens; she finds them to be quite gentle and prolific.

Overall we have brought in new stock, Russian and New World Carniolans, for the last 12 years. This year we are not bringing in any Russians since we have decided to focus on rearing Carniolans at both of our breeding yards. There are two reasons for this: the New World Carniolans are wonderful and the Russian Breeding Association members no longer offer breeders to non-members.

Mary also likes the Carniolans since they over winter well and are very hygienic. Plus she likes the color of the queens since they stand out well from the daughter bees which surround her.

Cobey 2013 Breeder Queen
Cobey 2013 Breeder Queen

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