New World Carniolan, Russian Winter Nucs and a Swarm

This past Friday and Saturday Mary sold additional Carniolan and Russian Winter Nucs. Then on Sunday we moved out some of our Winter Nucs hives to a new property, then hived a swarm and finally finished putting together additional mediums.

Bringing in  a Nuc box for a Winter Nuc pickup 





Three Winter Nucs and all the equipment needed to move them to regular Deeps.

Setting up the Winter Nucs in regular Deeps.

The hived swarm after we cut down a 15-foot high branch.

The swarm is pouring into the inner-cover center hole.

Marking a queen as we move the Winter Nuc into a regular deep.

Pointing out a Winter Nuc queen.

Moving a Winter Nuc frame to a cardboard Nuc box.

Branding newly put-together Mediums.

Mary with three beekeepers who picked up Carniolan Winter Nucs.

Adding new plastic cells to our Cell Builder frame on Friday night.