Beeswax Xmas Ornament

Made with 100% beeswax our NJ Beeswax Ornaments will look beautiful on your Christmas Tree and are perfect to hang in your window to catch the Sun’s rays during the year. Since Beeswax has a melting point from 144 to 147 degrees, your ornament will be durable for many years. Beeswax ornaments will develop a bloom or patina over time. And this soft white film can be wiped off your ornament with a soft cloth or you can warm it with a blow dryer.

It is thought that Beeswax Ornaments were inspired by the tradition of Lebkuchen, a honey sweetened German molded cake or bar cookie which has its origins between the 13th and 15th centuries. Since then Lebkuchen has become an important part of German Christmas traditions and it is thought that German molded cake molds were used to create the 1st Beeswax ornaments.