NJ New Beekeeper Mentoring

Beekeeper Consulting Services

Early spring inspection

Have you run into a problem or just are not sure what you are seeing and you need some NJ New Beekeeper Mentoring help? If you are Monmouth County, NJ beekeeper our own Mary Kosenski can come out to your hives for a visit and assessment and help you with some one-on-one NJ new beekeeper mentoring.

Mary offers the following NJ new beekeeper mentoring services

  1. Inspect a hive to assess its health and robustness
  2. Requeen a hive
  3. Mark a queen
  4. Make a split from a hive
  5. Help install package bees
  6. Provide a 1 hour session hands-on instruction to a beginning beekeeper

Please contact Mary for her hourly rate and to receive your free 15-minute phone consultation.

Some recent NJ new beekeeper mentoring questions we have answered

  1. How do I manage some really aggressive bees?
  2. We are looking to expand our numbers of hives. Could you could help me split my strong hive and help me mark the old queen and add the new one?
  3. My hive swarmed late in its second spring.   The bees that were left behind were weak and did not survive the following winter. How do I prevent swarms in future.
  4. Where can I  buy fondant for winter feeding?
  5. Does a long cold winter affect survivability.
  6. What routine maintenance should be performed in the Fall? Entrance reducer, monitor food stores, reverse inner cover?
  7. When is the best time to apply mite treatments?
  8. How do I assess general health of the hive as they come out of the winter?
  9. I would love to work with you and learn to be a better bee keeper
  10. Are there natural alternatives to dealing with varroa mites, that are successful?
  11. I need to do an inspection of the brood box and I need  your help.
  12. It is a bit intimidating for me.  Can you help me look for the queen?
  13. One of our hives is queenless. Any suggestions or help you can give us would be appreciated.
  14. Our queen is not performing well at all, and hasn't all summer. I'm sure she was poorly mated. Do you think there it is enough time to requeen?
  15. I thought I was a pretty good beekeeper because I had a couple hives for 7 or 8 years without any real problems, but now that I AM having problems,  I am realizing how little I know.
  16. My bees have hardly built up this Summer. There is tons of brood and NO HONEY OR NECTAR, not a drop.  Seems like I should feed them but there is plenty in bloom. There is one frame full of pollen. I just don’t get it. Any idea what is happening?
  17. In addition to Apivar, do you recommend I treat my hives with any other medication? For example, Honey-be-healthy with fall sugar syrup feeding? My hives are in their first year.
  18. I put second deeps on top of the first one on both my hives and removed the reducers. I have continued to feed syrup via top feeders. Exactly 15 days have passed since I put the second deep. Today I noticed a lot of bees at the entrance of hive-2. I am attaching photos of both hive entrances. Do you think hive-2 is ready to swarm?

Some NJ New Beekeeper Mentoring Photos