NJ Winter Nucs are Building Up

March 22nd- frame from a Winter Nuc

Our winter nucs passed the NJ state bee inspector’s inspection, two weeks ago this coming Monday. While conducting his inspection we discussed nuc pricing with him. We know what price nucs are going for, and how most spring nucs are put together.  Our winter nucs need to go at a premium price since their queens have come from last summer’s Russian and Carniolan breeding yards and the queens have  successfully over-wintered with their own brood in 3 & 4 frame nucs. We have a limited number of nucs available, and a long waiting list for them. We also need to keep some of the nucs for our operation since we are growing our out-yards. In past years, when we sold nucs, we charged the same amount for each frame as for the queen.  Using that same formula, the price this year would be $30 X 4 frames= $120 + $30 queen= $150.

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