Post Hurricane Irene Bee Yard Inspections

Tree blocking access to one of our out yards

As  Hurricane Irene passed over us, which was around 8:00 pm, Saturday, we lost power to our home. After 32 hours our electricity was restored and at that point we were able to begin our post-storm inspections. Today we found one hive which  had been knocked over but all its bees were still buzzing around and we were able to put it back together. In another production yard we found a partially knocked over tree hanging above two of our hives; tomorrow we go back with our chain saw to take the tree down. As we traveled from production yard to production yard we could hear the hum of generators from those homes that were still out of power. Today we were able to inspect 107 of our 120 hives and both breeding yards; Russian and Carniolan. Overall we are looking ok and we are thankful that our losses were light.

Downed tree near our Russian Breeding Yard