Preparing bee yards for Hurricane Irene

View of Russian Breeding yard – Saturday 8/27/11


We began preparing our yards for hurricane Irene (2011) this past Thursday.  Our main worry was that projected 90 mile wind gusts could possibly rip off the tops of some of our hives.  We made two trips to Lowes and bought a total of  140 cinder blocks to put on the top of all our hives. We completed deploying the cinder blocks by noon today.  After hurricane Irene passes us we plan to visit each yard to make certain each hive is safe. If need be we will use chainsaws, axes and saws to cut away any trees or branches which may have fallen on our hives.  We have been through nor’easters and have had hives crushed and destroyed. Since we have never been through a hurricane with (120) hives we honestly do not know what level of damage we will find after the storm passes.

Truck in out yard with (57) cinder blocks left to deploy 8/26/11