Beeswax Bear Hugging Skep Candle Favor


Our Beeswax Bear Hugging Skep Favor is a perfect candle favor for your special Baby Shower, especially Winnie the Pooh-themed Baby Showers. Our Beeswax Bear Hugging Skep candle favor delivers a charming touch with its unique ‘throwback’ beehive design from the past! It is an all-natural, “honeybee” scented candle that burns smokeless and dripless, burning longer than other types of candles. And it adds a natural element to your Baby Shower celebration! Your guests will love it!



To celebrate the impending arrival of a sweet bundle of joy, a Baby Shower is a wonderful opportunity to gather loved ones for a very special celebration, and we have the perfect Baby Shower Honey and Beeswax favors for you!

Our Bear Hugging Skep candle features a cute little bear hugging an old fashioned honeybee skep as a tiny honeybee clings to the front of the skep.

What is a Skep, you ask? It’s an old-fashioned design of a type of beehive that used to be made of different types of straws as a ‘home’ for honeybees. As beekeeping practices and regulations advanced, the skep was replaced by our modern beekeeping Beehive equipment that can be opened for harvesting honey and beeswax.

Our NJ beeswax candles are smokeless, dripless and long-burning, a natural way to help clean the air, made from 100% natural beeswax, without any added coloring or fragrance. Never leave any candles burning unattended; always use smart candle sense when you light any candle!

  • Size: 2 1/2″ X 2”

Bear Hugging Skep Photos