NJ Beeswax Bars


Our 1 oz. Beeswax bars are pure and natural with no added colors or added scents. Buy them in singles or in bundles of four.

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Our 1 oz. NJ Beeswax bars are made with 100% pure NJ beeswax with no added colors or scents. The key to an excellent beeswax product is purity, so we keep our beeswax bars all-natural for their optimal use. We make it easy to buy just the amount of NJ Beeswax you need, depending upon your project or task from a single 1 oz. bar to a 4-pack, for your budget-friendly home repair and crafting solutions.

Pop our 1oz NJ Beeswax Bars into your toolbox, sewing kit, shine kit, craft kit, and in other spots where you’ll use our pure NJ Beeswax bars to lubricate tools, sewing needs and thread, eliminate drawer squeaks, lubricate windows, make beautiful DIY projects and more. Just like having extra batteries in your home, your beeswax bars will always be on hand to make all of your projects smoother and more successful, and keep all of your pricy tools, furniture and other belongings looking great and working well for a long time to come.

Our small NJ Beeswax Bars also make excellent gifts for your loved ones. If your child, or friend or relative, is moving into his or her first apartment, home or dorm room, the gift of a beeswax bar – along with a list of how it can help with repairs and fixes – is one of those wonderfully-thoughtful presents that gets your loved one off to a good start. And beeswax bars are also terrific gifts for home DIY aficionados, gardeners, and athletes.

Beeswax is produced by the young worker bees and is used to build the honeycomb in which the bee brood is raised and in which the hive honey is stored. During the honey harvest, beeswax cappings are collected, washed, filtered and then poured into large blocks and small bars.

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