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We offer larger sizes of our NJ Beeswax, in our NJ Bulk Beeswax collection, available in 1-, 2- and 3-pound blocks for when you require a large amount of beeswax for your project. We pour our NJ beeswax into blocks to give you the choice of product to meet your needs. Since the weight of our NJ Bulk Beeswax blocks may vary slightly, we add – if necessary – 1 oz. Beeswax Bars to fulfill your original order weight.

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When you look at our list of top uses for beeswax you’ll see that some projects can be fulfilled with our smaller beeswax bars, and some projects require a larger amount of beeswax, depending on the number of, say, candles you wish to make, or hand creams you wish to produce for your own use or as gifts or party favors. So when you particular need calls for a larger volume of our NJ beeswax, we have larger blocks available.As much as we enjoy being of help to you, we’re always interested in hearing about how you plan to use our NJ Beeswax in bulk, and via our NJ Beeswax bars.
What are the uses for pure beeswax? Beeswax is an incredibly versatile product, ‘smoothing’ the way for your crafting and DIY projects, as well as for your home maintenance and gardening projects. Take a look at our list of uses for beeswax.
Crafting and DIY:


Waxing thread for sewing projects


Batik fabric dyeing

Leather tanning


Ukrainian Easter eggs

Encaustic art (Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added)


Making envelope wax seals
Home maintenance:

Making furniture polish

Machinery lubrication

Waxing tools to prevent rust

Coating nails that will then be less likely to split wood

Lubricating drawers, windows and sliding doors

Lubricating furniture joints

Wooden utensil care

Waxing tools to prevent rust Waxing shovels
Beauty and spa:


Making hand cream


Making ear candles

Making cosmetics

Waxing moustaches and beards
And more…

Waxing skis

Waxing archery bowstrings

Waxing antique ammunition

Lubricate fly-fishing equipment

Lubricate boat hatches

Shoe polishing

Waterproofing boots and shoes
Our NJ Beeswax bars and NJ Bulk Beeswax are versatile essentials for any home, apartment, dormroom, workshop, garden shed and craft room, and office, adding ease to your projects and extending the life of your valuable belongings and equipment. From a simple door slide to your favorite sport, pure beeswax is a Must.

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