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Our NJ Raw Honey Gift Set includes the sweetest tastes of all seasons, with our Spring, Cranberry and Blueberry raw honeys! Using our pure, ‘NJ Fresh’ honeys we’ve created the perfect combination of honey flavors in fresh and delicious tastes for your NJ raw honey gift box. This collection also includes a Beeswax Skep Candle  and  Beeswax Lotion Bar, making it the perfect gift for someone who loves their honey!

We’ve designed our NJ Raw Honey Gift Set to provide a sweet variety of gift items, hand-crafted by Mary and hand-selected by our team to provide delicious, fresh tastes and our much-loved pampering product: our Beeswax lotion bar made with beeswax and shea butter. When given as a gift, this pure honey collection pleases your recipient’s senses, and tickles the taste buds with the glorious flavors of spring, summer, fall and winter any time of year. Your gift recipient will be transported even in the dead of winter to sunny summer days with a bite of blueberry honey, or comforted in the heat of summer with a taste of cranberry. And let’s not forget that honey soothes during cold and flu season, making this an excellent ‘get well’ gift.

Our NJ Raw Honey Gift Set, with its natural, seasonal flavors, makes the perfect gift for the holidays, spring and summer parties, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, thank you gifts, hostess gifts, welcome gifts, gifts for teachers, gifts for nannies and au pairs, and gifts for any special someone whose day you’d like to make truly wonderful.

The NJ Raw Honey Gift Set includes:

  • Spring Wildflower Honey (8 oz.) – pale in color and mild in flavor
  • Blueberry Honey (8 oz.) – an aroma reminiscent of green leaves with a touch of lemon
  • Cranberry (8 oz.) – a slightly tart flavor
  • Beeswax Skep Candle (6 oz.) – 3” tall x 2.5″ wide
  • Beeswax lotion Bar (2 oz.) – made of Beeswax and Shea Butter

The NJ Raw Honey Gift Set can be shipped to any location within the Continental US for only $12.99. Excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

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“A wonderful, sweet Honey gift! My friends were delighted!”


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