NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box


From our apiary to you, our NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box includes our New “Jersey Fresh” raw honey and pure beeswax candles! This gift will turn a special person’s day into an extraordinary day.

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From the E&M Gold Beekeepers apiary to you, our NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box includes our ‘New Jersey Fresh’ raw honey and pure beeswax candles, combining our delicious NJ raw honeys with our pure beeswax candles for a ‘best of our world’ collection of sweetness and light, sure to delight your gift recipient.

Our two NJ-fresh wildflower honeys provide wonderful flavor, and the Beeswax Candles hand-created by Mary burn smoke-less, clean the air and give off that wonderful honey beeswax scent. Your gift recipient will enjoy their honey in any number of ways – as a sweet addition to tea, as a spread for scones or toast, or even straight from the jar, as their new pure honey beeswax candles create a calming, great-smelling atmosphere for unwinding and relaxing. Add in honey soap and your gift only gets sweeter! This NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box is a present they can use in so many ways, always remembering your kindness and sweet wishes for their happiness.

The Raw Honey Large Gift Box is perfect for gift giving.

The NJ Raw Honey Large Gift Box includes:

  • Spring Wildflower Raw Honey (8 oz.) – pale in color and mild in flavor
  • Summer Wildflower Raw Honey (8 oz.) – amber to dark amber with mild floral undertones
  • Beeswax Old Fashioned Taper Candle – 9.75” tall x 15/16” base
  • Honey Soap (3.5 oz.) – contains Rosemary extract and essential oils
  • Beeswax Mini-Floating Heart Candle (1 oz.) – 2” wide

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