Three Beeswax Ornaments


We offer our Three Beeswax Ornaments for $15.00 plus $9.99 shipping to the lower 48 States or for curbside pickup in front of our Honey House in Tinton Falls, NJ!  Made with 100% beeswax our NJ Beeswax Ornaments will look beautiful on your Christmas Tree and are perfect to hang in your window to catch the Sun’s rays during all year round!




Beeswax Skep Ornament

Skeps have been used for keeping bees for over 2000 years. The first skep is believed to have been first used in Ireland. Today most western Beekeepers use the Langstroth Hive which was invented by Rev. Lorenzo Langstroth and patented in the United-States on October 5, 1852.

Weight: 2.4oz. (approx.)

Diameter: 4.25 inches (approx.)


Beeswax Teddy Bear Ornament

Developed  in the early years of the 20th century, and named after President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, the teddy bear became a popular children’s toy which was celebrated in story, song, and film.

Weight: 1.7oz. (approx.)

Width at paws: 4.50 inches (approx.)

Width at ears: 2.00 inches (approx.)


Beeswax Tree of Life

The design of this Beeswax Tree of Life really reminds of  us of Hannah Cohoo’s  The Tree of Life, which she created in 1854.

Weight: 2.8oz. (approx.)

Diameter: 4.25 inches (approx.)


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