Repairing Honey Bottler

Working at honey bottler (2010)
Shaft with retaining ring

We purchased our Nassenheider Fill Up DS 20.000  Visco three years ago from Mann Lake. On their web site it is known as the  Mann Lake EZ-Fill. It works quite well – we bottle 2 0z. hex jars up to 96 oz. plastic bottles.

About a year ago we noticed black bearing sealant dripping from behind the white pump head box. We disassembled the entire bottler and decided to replace the retaining ring which holds back the shaft bearing washer.

Recently the sealant appeared again.  This time we replaced the entire worm gear motor. Fortunately John at Mann Lake had a spare motor in inventory- otherwise we would have had to wait 6 weeks for it to be shipped from Germany.

Front view minus White Gear Wheel Pump Head



Worm Gear Motor inside enclosure