Russian & Carniolan Queens are Laying

Introducing new breeder queen

Our 1st Russian Queens are laying nice solid patterns and we have begun to send them to their new homes.  We have a few of these left for anyone in immediate need.  Russian Queens from our 2nd grafting are also laying well and we will be evaluating them next week. Last Saturday our Carniolan daughters emerged. They should will be mating this week, if the weather holds out, and then laying by June 15th.

This past Thursday we completed another grafting of Russian and Carniolan larva and they should be emerging by June 15th and laying by June 28th. Finally our newest Sue Cobey New World Carniolan breeder queen arrived Wednesday from California. We have high hopes of offering her daughters in mid-July.

Let us know if you would like to purchase one of our Russian or Carniolans Queens.


Mary & Ed Kosenski