FileMaker Pro Beekeeping Database – part #2

FileMaker Pro Beekeeping Database – part #2 Listed below is an example of the type report we can generate from our FileMaker Pro Relational Beekeeping Database. This is post #2. You can see our first FileMaker Pro Beekeeping Database post at post#1. The following is an iPad screen capture from our  FileMaker Pro 11 Beekeeping … Read more

FileMaker Pro Beekeeping Database

Our beekeeping operation record keeping has been moved completely over to a relational database located on an iPad. Since last season we have updated and improved the database so that Mary is comfortable using it in the field. So far this season Mary has added over a thousand records to the database. Reports are very … Read more

Apiary Record Keeping with FileMaker Pro

We moved our Apiary field paper records to an iPad 2 FileMaker Go relational database in 2011. We decided to use a relational database record keeping system because of its capability to quickly sort and view many thousand pieces of data and its ability to display search results via formatted or on-the-spot reports. We had … Read more