Creating Beeswax candles for the Holidays

For the last couple of weeks Mary has picked up her pace with pouring and creating beeswax candles for the upcoming Holidays. She has poured Pine Cones, Evergreen Trees, Mini-Floating Heart , Snowmen and Honeybee Pillar Beeswax candles. And she expects this activity to continue up to Thanksgiving! In addition she has completed  cleaning  her second … Read more

Processing & Rendering Beeswax Cappings

Over the years we processed our beeswax cappings in small batches using a double boiler set right on our kitchen stove – then filtering the liquid wax through a stocking – a pound at a time. This year we had a lot more cappings and it became a much bigger job. We knew we did … Read more

Valued-added Products from Beekeeping

We have begun pulling honey off of our hives this past weekend, a matter of fact we have never pulled honey so early! Every one of our shallows is in use in our 15 yards and our bees are still making additional honey! Harvesting this wonderful honey brings to mind a United Nations  Food and … Read more