Honeybee Winter Feeding with Sugar Candy

Charlie Toth in Somerset, NJ has been making & selling 5-pound hard sugar-candy blocks for Honeybee winter feeding. He wraps his blocks in butcher paper. The best way to add a sugar candy block to the hive is as follows: Use only on hives where the cluster is in the top super Build a 3 … Read more

How To Prepare Fondant for Winter Feeding

We are coming in to our two toughest winter months, February and March, for the honeybee. Yet it was 62 degrees on Wednesday and 48 degress on Thursday – quite warm as compared to last winter. Our bees have been very active due to the  warm winter we have been experiencing in New Jersey. So … Read more

Fondant Trip to Lancaster, Pa.

We are now experiencing a  50 degree heat wave – so after 2 months of a hard winter it is time to winter feed our hives before the temperature plunges below zero again. We heard the C.O. Nolt & Son, Inc Wholesale  Bakery Supplier company offered  a fondant which is composed of only  sugar, water and … Read more

Snowshoeing to Honeybee Breeding Yard

We celebrated Valentine’s Day by taking advantage of the sunshine to inspect our breeding yard hives. It was a bright 50 degrees, but the yard was still snow covered. After sinking over our boots in drifts, we opted for the snow shoes. I cut up slices of fondant, and placed it on the frames as … Read more

Mary’s Honeybee Pollen Patties

My homemade pollen patty is an important part of the diet we provide our queen bees to encourage strong egg production. Our young queens have nurse bees to support them, but may be short of foragers. We offer them a generous supply of a highly nutritious diet to ensure that they are not shortchanged. My … Read more