Repairing Honey Bottler

We purchased our Nassenheider Fill Up DS 20.000  Visco three years ago from Mann Lake. On their web site it is known as the  Mann Lake EZ-Fill. It works quite well – we bottle 2 0z. hex jars up to 96 oz. plastic bottles. About a year ago we noticed black bearing sealant dripping from … Read more

Post Hurricane Irene Bee Yard Inspections

As  Hurricane Irene passed over us, which was around 8:00 pm, Saturday, we lost power to our home. After 32 hours our electricity was restored and at that point we were able to begin our post-storm inspections. Today we found one hive which  had been knocked over but all its bees were still buzzing around … Read more

Preparing bee yards for Hurricane Irene

  We began preparing our yards for hurricane Irene (2011) this past Thursday.  Our main worry was that projected 90 mile wind gusts could possibly rip off the tops of some of our hives.  We made two trips to Lowes and bought a total of  140 cinder blocks to put on the top of all … Read more