Winter Nuc Preparation

For the last four years we have been using the following Winter Nuc preparation method. We first heard about preparing Winter Nucs during a talk Kirk Webster made at a local beekeeping organization; our method has been slightly modified from Kirk’s. In the early Spring winter nucs which have survived are quite vibrant and ready … Read more

Successful Honeybee Queen Introduction

Successful Honeybee Queen Introduction The first and most important factor in queen introduction is to have a queenless environment. No mated queens, no virgin queens and no queen cells should be present in the hive. Place the cage containing the queen into the queenless hive, just above the brood area. If you have a honey … Read more

How To Prepare Fondant for Winter Feeding

We are coming in to our two toughest winter months, February and March, for the honeybee. Yet it was 62 degrees on Wednesday and 48 degress on Thursday – quite warm as compared to last winter. Our bees have been very active due to the  warm winter we have been experiencing in New Jersey. So … Read more

Honeybee Hive Mouse Guards

In addition to preparing our winter nucs for the upcoming winter we also visit our out yard production hives to get them ready for the winter. Since we use screen bottom boards on all our production hives  we add solid beeswax-dipped 3/4″ flat boards under each screen bottom for the winter months. We also add … Read more

New Beekeepers and treating honeybees

New beekeepers just starting out with their very first hive most likely have started it from a 2 or 3lb.package. Most package producers don’t select their queens for the same qualities and behaviors that we do and they do not have the time to monitor how the new queen lays before she is shipped out … Read more

Harvesting New Jersey Honey

  This year’s honey started coming in earlier than we can remember -we had run out of all our honey supers before the end of May. So we had to begin pulling off the honey and replacing the wet empty supers back on other colonies as we built new supers as fast as possible. Our method … Read more

Introducing a New Queen

Care must be taken while introducing a new queen to your Nuc or Queen-less hive. If specific requirements are not met the bees in a colony will reject the new queen. Although no method of queen introduction is 100% foolproof a few basic conditions should be followed.   First, be absolutely sure the colony is … Read more

Working with Honeybee Queen Customers

We no longer offer nucleus hives because we need every frame of brood to support our queen rearing operation. We keep our mating nucs crowded, to better support the new queen and to keep down those pesky SHBs. We keep a waiting list of beekeepers that are interested in our queens and provide periodic updates … Read more

Determining Honeybee Hygienic Behavior

We have seen some hints of Spring in recent weeks, but there  still are too many freezing nights and the occasional snowy day.  If  next week shows the promise of warm sunshine, we will begin making our deep hive inspections. Our winter loss rate is about 17% for this past winter. One of the most … Read more

Hive Ventilation

We have received inquiries from beekeepers asking advice about some of our chemical-free methods. The subject of ventilation was brought up. Proper air flow in a colony will increase the efficiency of brood production, honey production , and winter survival.  This past summer we purchased All-Season Inner Covers from Tim Arheit at Honey Run Apiaries … Read more