Beekeeping Business Goals for 2014

Now that Ed has retired we have begun enlarging our operation to 200 hives. In addition we are reworking our business and marketing plans to reflect our new business goals. Lastly we are continuing our queen rearing operation and next year our goal is to produce 1,000 queens. Since 2003 we have been using Russian … Read more

Shipping Honeybee Queens

SHIPPING HONEYBEE QUEENS Our queen rearing season has finally gotten into a rhythm. Coming into the spring we grafted our 1st session in April only to have the evening temperature drop to 28 degrees on the day we put out our 1st queen cells. Then we had a lot of days in early May when … Read more

Queen Rearing Season at Full Speed

We are into our queen rearing season full speed now that the daily temperature is consistently warm and our mating nucs have larger populations since several brood cycles have passed. Our 4th grafting was completed this past Friday.  We once again we grafted from our Sue  Cobey (Cobey11-40) Carniolan breeder queen which has been doing a … Read more

NJ Winter Nucs are Building Up

Our winter nucs passed the NJ state bee inspector’s inspection, two weeks ago this coming Monday. While conducting his inspection we discussed nuc pricing with him. We know what price nucs are going for, and how most spring nucs are put together.  Our winter nucs need to go at a premium price since their queens … Read more

Better Bee Genetics with Local Honey Bee Queens

Guest Post – Len Klinker:  Past President, Central Jersey Beekeepers Association Before I give a few thoughts on long-term solutions for honeybee problems in NJ, I’d like to introduce myself.  I am Len Klinker and have been a backyard beekeeper since 1997.  I don’t have any degrees in Entomology, formal training, or professional experience with Honeybees. … Read more

Raising Honeybee Queens

We began raising our own queens after we discovered our bees had mites which had developed a resistance to both Apistan and Coumaphos in 2002. The option at that time was to use an even stronger chemical to kill the mites. It seems that no chemical will kill every mite in the hive, so by … Read more

Honeybee talk at the North East Beekeepers Association

 During the 2011 beekeeping season we gave a number of presentations to local beekeeping organizations and garden clubs. In late May one of the organizations we spoke to was the North East Beekeepers Association in Glen Rock,NJ. More than 50 people attended, and more than half of those were either first year beekeepers, or didn’t … Read more

Russian & Carniolan Breeding Yards

We are running two honeybee breeding yards; our Russian Honey Bee breeding yard, a picture (above) of it which is being used in our blog banner, and 8.5 miles away is our New World Carniolan  Honey Bee breeding yard (a picture below this post). We just moved out 41 capped Russian queen  cells and 36 … Read more

Russian & Carniolan Queens Available in July

We have been selecting our queens as they get mated and begin laying, culling any that don’t measure up.  We alternate the graftings of each breeder queen, so Russians and Carniolans are ready in batches. We expect to have queens ready on the following dates: June 29th July 6th July 12th July 20th Let us know … Read more