We Visited our Russian Queens

The sun finally peaked out of a dreary morning, so we were able to check on the caged  Russian queens which were introduced to Nucs in our main breeding yard a few days ago.  Several queens are out on comb, laying already.  We decided to leave a few of the queens caged another day or … Read more

Reversing Hives and Installing Russian Honeybee Queens

This week has been quite exciting. We were expecting a shipment of Russian Queens to be shipped from Charlie Harper so we felt pressured to finish inspecting and reversing all our hives in our main Breeding Yard.  Monday and Tuesday went well as we expanded most of our winter nucs into full deeps and identified … Read more

Continued Honeybee Breeding Yard Inspection

I was thrilled to have a sunny day and a willing helper to continue my Spring colony inspections in our breeding yard.Today I could see pollen laden bees landing on every entrance board. This yard is the home of  all of our over-wintered nucleus hives as well as mature survivor Russian stock from various sources. … Read more

Getting ready for Spring Honeybee Hive Splits

Today we picked up the remaining dead outs from our out-yards. They will be cleaned up and re-used along with additional new frames  to make up Spring Splits from our surviving colonies.  We have some new Russian Queens arriving from Charlie Harper the week of April 11. At that time we have to be ready … Read more