Bee Swarm Moves into Steamer Trunk

This past week we hived a swarm which had taken residence in an old steamer trunk located on a porch. We spent about 2 hours carefully cutting and moving the new comb from the under the top of the  trunk. About an hour into our work we found the queen and put her into a … Read more

Spring Honeybee Swarms

What with all of the rain we have had this spring, ideal conditions are present for bees to swarm. They have been unable to fly for many days in a row while producing brood and feeling crowded so the next good sunny day they take off. Some seasons we are just not able to prevent … Read more

Found Strachan New World Carniolans

This afternoon we ended another busy week with Mary climbing a ladder to retrieve a swarm near one of our yards. Since the evenings have been  cold and damp  and the days have been getting rain  a number of hives have swarmed. Earlier in the week  at an apple orchard where we have  bees Mary found … Read more

Our 1st Swarm of 2011

Mary was working in the breeding yard with our intern while I was putting together deeps by the honey house – Mary later recounted the roar they heard coming from Hive #107.  In a few minutes the swarm landed in a small  tree about 100 feet away from its original hive. Within a half hour … Read more