Winter Nuc Preparation

For the last four years we have been using the following Winter Nuc preparation method. We first heard about preparing Winter Nucs during a talk Kirk Webster made at a local beekeeping organization; our method has been slightly modified from Kirk’s. In the early Spring winter nucs which have survived are quite vibrant and ready … Read more

Honeybee Winter Feeding with Sugar Candy

Charlie Toth in Somerset, NJ has been making & selling 5-pound hard sugar-candy blocks for Honeybee winter feeding. He wraps his blocks in butcher paper. The best way to add a sugar candy block to the hive is as follows: Use only on hives where the cluster is in the top super Build a 3 … Read more

Winter & Honeybees

The winter may be the most challenging time for honeybees in the northern climates. This winter has already thrown more at us than most years do.   We try to prepare for typical weather events in advance by adding extra heavy blocks on tops, and solid bottoms below, plus feeding if necessary.  But falling trees are … Read more

NJ Winter Nucs are Building Up

Our winter nucs passed the NJ state bee inspector’s inspection, two weeks ago this coming Monday. While conducting his inspection we discussed nuc pricing with him. We know what price nucs are going for, and how most spring nucs are put together.  Our winter nucs need to go at a premium price since their queens … Read more

How To Prepare Fondant for Winter Feeding

We are coming in to our two toughest winter months, February and March, for the honeybee. Yet it was 62 degrees on Wednesday and 48 degress on Thursday – quite warm as compared to last winter. Our bees have been very active due to the  warm winter we have been experiencing in New Jersey. So … Read more

Honeybee Hive Mouse Guards

In addition to preparing our winter nucs for the upcoming winter we also visit our out yard production hives to get them ready for the winter. Since we use screen bottom boards on all our production hives  we add solid beeswax-dipped 3/4″ flat boards under each screen bottom for the winter months. We also add … Read more

Carniolan Winter Nucs prepared before Nor’easter arrives

Last week we completed our Carniolan Winter Nuc  preparations. During the week we moved the Winter Nucs foot-by-foot into distinct groups of Nucs. We built, painted and branded new medium supers, which are used to house the feeders and the insulation boards. On Friday, before the arrival of Saturday’s Nor’easter, we completed the installation of … Read more