Wedding Symbolism and the Meaning of Bees

honeybee on marigold - honeybee wedding symbolism

Weddings are so beautifully filled with Wedding Symbolism, from the bride’s gown to her veil to the Language of Flowers originating in Victorian times, giving meaning to so many different types and colors of flowers. And it’s no wonder that we take symbolic meaning from long-ago lore to add a little more sweetness and meaning to our Wedding celebrations today.

Honeybee on a white flower - honeybee wedding symbolism

We’re especially delighted by the Wedding Symbolism of bees, since they bring such wonderful messages and meanings into weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and other special celebrations. An adorable bee illustration on your favor tag brings in a special layer of meaning, and if you think about the behavior, community and social habits of bees, you’ll also find pleasing messages about your own nearest and dearest loved ones.

Symbolism of the Honeybee

You’ll notice Wedding Symbolism keywords in this list related to honeybees work together in harmony and productivity, symbolizing a family working together for the benefit of the group. That’s a wonderful symbol of your circle of family and friends, all doing their part to do good work in the world and create a thriving home, cooperative partnerships and common goals.

Wedding Symbolism of the Beehive

Beehive wedding symbolism

There is also symbolism in the beehive itself. Hives are very symbolic, made of tightly-packed cells, each in the shape of a hexagon. Hexagons have six sides, and the number six is symbolic of love (the goddess Venus is commonly connected with the symbolism of the number six,) union, balance and communication.

Honeybees returning to hive - Beehive wedding symbolism

The beehive is a place of harmony, open communication, domestic stability, family love, child-rearing, nurturing and support – all elements of the happily-ever-after marriage we dream of, and that you likely wish for all of your loved ones as well. While a pink rose may bring one meaning to Wedding Symbolism, look at how many symbolic Wedding meanings are represented by the Honeybee!

Additional Wedding Symbolism Keywords

Here are some Wedding symbolism keywords to think about as you plan your wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and create your Wedding favors and Wedding Thank You gifts: Beauty, Communication, Community, Delight, Family, Growth, Life, Love, Mystery, Nurturing, Order, Organization, Productivity, Provision, Sweetness Wisdom.

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