EAS 2011

Today, we just got back from EAS 2011 which was held at the Crown Plaza, Warwick, RI. It spanned 5 days – with Monday and Tuesday devoted to Short Course/Master Beekeeper programs and Wednesday through Friday devoted to Conference/Workshop programs. We met attendees from New Zealand, New Jersey, Vermont, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, New York, New Hampshire, Virginia, Connecticut and Delaware. The speakers came from as far away as California and  the UK.  Next year  EAS 2012 will be held in Vermont.

We attended the following presentations:

Mike Palmer– Winter Thoughts

Randy Oliver– Varroa & Virus Management

Elina Lastro  Nino– Queens & Queen/ Worker Interaction

Jeff Pettis– Honey Bee Health (The USDA Area- Wide Program Overview)

Jeff Pettis– Beltsville Bee Lab Update

David Tarpy – Who’s Related to who? ( Relationships among queens & drones in managed populations)

Maryann Frasier -Thinking Inside & Outside of the [Bee] Box

John Miller – Industrial Nucing

Ann Harmon– Creamed Honey

Diana Sammataro– Beneficial Microbes

Jeremy Wagnitz– VHS and Russian Bees in Migratory Operations

Jim Tew– Honey Bee Biology

Laurence Cutts– Small Hive Beetle